Short Story the Second

The first Short Story completed toward my degree

“Children at Play”

Have you ever loved someone so much you would go to the ends of the Earth if it meant that you could help them? That you could save them? Have you ever had nights where all you could do was think about that person, or those people? If you have then you’ll know that sometimes it’s not all it’s cracked up to be. When three people meet and immediately a connection is made, it cannot simply be ignored. Love cannot be ignored. The only bad thing about love, though, is that it never dies. No matter how many times they disappoint each other or betray each other, they could never deny their love for one another. They may want to kill each other from time to time, but it’s only because they care so much- maybe even too much. But when they sit down and think about it, none of them would even know what to do with themselves if they ever lost another. They used to laugh and say they had mutually assured destruction. If one went, the other two would soon follow. They never pointed out, though, that they only had mutually assured survival as well.

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Short Story the First

In honor of hitting over 100 Followers on my new Instagram account (same name as here, link in my bio) while I slept all unknowing last night, let’s go ahead and spice things up a little bit. Here is a short story I started the other day.

TRIGGER WARNINGS: Abuse, Domestic Abuse, Suicide, Vague Animal Abuse.


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