If You’re Curious Who I Am

Let’s give you guys a little insight into the crazed mind pouring out these words.

The name is Jillian, though you’ll see me sign most of my poems with JCS.
I’m originally from Long Island and I love rain storms.
I’m twenty six years old so far, currently living in Harlem in NYC.
I moved to the City in 2008 to pursue my degree in Creative Writing.
I graduated CUNY Hunter College with a BA in Creative Writing and Sociology in 2012.
I then fell off the face of the writing universe.
I moved 14 times in those first four years, and lived in every borough, so I’m pretty much a vagabond at this point and have a lot of experience living out of a very small suitcase on random couches

And now I’m here, writing, breathing, ya know, the necessities.