Post the Twenty Fourth

Sorry it’s been a while. Internet issues among other things. Here’s an oldie in the meantime, when I used to play around hard with rhyme and wordplay.

i erupt and fluctuate
my love
my doves flew late
into a storm
the forlorn birds roam
through unknown territory
feeling unworthy of the
topsy turvy road before me
turning left looking right
no rest in sight for me tonight
i venture through the morning dew
the stars retire
to sire more fuel
for my century long fire
i rise higher than liars
i swear and i bear their child
i am the life weilder
the royal seal there on the wheel
spinning since the dawn
through the right and wrong
through solomon and babylon
so just ba-ba-along
and i promise to disguise the heat
i reap and creep through cracks.
love attacks when you ask it not to
it rots through your muscle to mold
turns warmth to cold\
so fold your hand and feel the sand
in your fingers
the lingering feeling
from your personal floor
to your personal ceiling
your person is reeling
from concealing the comments
in your bones
the stones thrown at the mask
cast on the last day
the veil hailing power
hailing the sour end
i try to fend off
to not get caught by
wire taps in your hearts map.
if you’re gonna listen
then at least grin and remember
the splendor of our summer
lumbering feelings
we never meant to keep.


13 thoughts on “Post the Twenty Fourth

  1. It’s hard to find really passionate writers out here, I purposefully read through almost all of your works. They are marvelus. How do you craft vocabulary in this uhhhuhhh beautiful manner.. hmm I’m trying to improve my vocabulary >< do you have any recomended ways to do it? What inspires you to write?


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